The Problem

Measured water levels are keystones for model calibration and flood forecasting.

Today, water level measurements systems rely on fixed gauging stations.

Only few measurement stations exist even in large river systems.

  • Water level measurement in the Elbe River consists on gauging stations about every 30 – 50 km.
    In the upper Elbe (Czech/German border to Torgau (~ 150 km) only six gauging stations are setup.
  • Gauging stations are complex and expensive, causing problems for emerging countries.

G-WaLe shall offer possibilities to improve the calibration of flood forecasting models and control measures and to assist in crisis situations.

There is a strong demand for a system capable of providing near real-time data on water levels during extreme situations with both high spatial and temporal resolution. The system should be robust, highly automated, mobile and cost-efficient. It should be able to perform measurements at a very large number of positions, collect its data and make it available to the relevant institutions in near-real-time.